Ted Steirer St. George class of 1969 alumni

has shared this video In his own words;

Hi Len,

First, it was a pleasure to see some of the St. George 1969 alumni at

Mo Dailey's last month

It got me thinking about, and to look for pictures I took of the school's demolition in June of 1973.

Attached you will find a short slide show of such.

Paul Simon would not be proud of the Kodachrome slides as they have lost a little of their "nice bright colors"

after 45 years in storage.

Gone_ But_ Not_ Forgotten.mp4

The St George Plaque



Banquet Results still going strong.


May 11, 2019




FANTASTIC WORK, ONE AND ALL!   Our (“Blue Sheet”) January 17, 2019 goal -- 350 in attendance at our Monday, May 6th Gathering -- was exceeded (at 358) by 8 while surpassing our 2017 (at 343) and 2018 (at 344) Banquet crowds!


All of us contributing to our successful Banquet ticket acquisition this spring have every reason to be proud of our efforts.  With the final (1969) graduating class the biggest ever (at 306) -- and with that class celebrating (Alumni Banquet day) fifty years since leaving Saint George -- we had the “numbers base” to bring in an impressive crowd.  And we did just that! 


Including pre-day-of, at-the-door, and guest ticket acquisitions, please note here your class’s 2019 Alumni Banquet ticket tallies:   Our Class Captain-led groups 1946: 7;  1949: 7;  1950: 6;  1951: 7;  1952: 4;  1954: 20;  1955: 15;  1956: 12;  1957: 6;  1958: 9;  1959: 29;  1960: 8;  1961: 13;  1962: 6;  1963: 12;  1964: 36;  1965: 13;  1966: 17;  1967: 17;  1968: 19;  and 1969: 94


Non-Class-Captain class tallies:  1938: 2;  1953: 5;  1970: 3


Enhancing our 358 “numbers success” this recruitment season:   In January, supplying each Captain with the 2012 Harris Connect Directory page copies for their class and additional reminder “e-blasts” during the twelve-week Banquet ticket acquisition period.


Please:   Give the attachment to this e-mail a careful look.  (Burr Ridge) Joanna needs to track down twenty Alumni Banquet participants Monday, May 6th who weren’t checked in at the door and, hence, not listed in the attachment.   Recall a classmate, a classmate guest at the Banquet but you notice the name not listed here, in the attachment?  Contact Joanna immediately, at 1-630-323-3725, Extension 220.  Thanks so much!


Available since Friday, May 10th, you, your graduation buddies, and your Banquet night guests should be interested in our great set of online photo viewings of the Event.  Try perusing www.cbmidwest.smugmug.com – with photo-purchasing help offered by Alex Vasiliades (at 1-630-323-3725, Extension 221), if you’re in the “buying mood.”


Special thanks to Class Captain Rene Pelletier ’65 for his on-going website updating, at www.saintgeorgehs.com.   Give Rene’s latest efforts an online look.   You’ll be impressed!


With most of you “veteran” Class Captains, you’ve already received – as a small token of the Association’s and my appreciation for your efforts– your limited-edition Saint George Lapel Pin.  Do let me know – by the internet (at pauljquinn@att.net) or a phone call (at 1-773-784-3328) – if there’s someone recently helpful to you with your Banquet class recruitment deserving of a Dragon Lapel Pin.


Typically, we end a Dragon Alumni Banquet Season with yours truly offering you -- on my dime -- lunch at the Union League Club or dinner at the (Chicago, Clark Street) Calo Ristorante.


With the ever-increasing tuition challenging more Saint Patrick (High School) families each school year - the minimum 2019-2020 school year tuition cost will be more than $12,470 - I'm redirecting my Union League Club/Calo expenditure again this year to our Alumni Association Scholarship Fund, helping Dragon-related, deserving Shamrocks with their tuition payments.


Those Dragons recently donating additional monies to our Saint Patrick tuition aid effort (beyond a portion of their $65.00 Banquet ticket price) should be here especially thanked.


With the maintenance of a strong Banquet ticket acquisition critical to our continued success with our perennial, first-Monday-in-May Gathering, I sincerely appreciate your help and wish you a pleasant summer and


Only the best,


Paul Quinn '66

SGHS Alumni Banquet Chair


P.S.:      We’re “luncheoning” Monday, May 4, 2020, as we celebrate our 74th Annual 

              Alumni Banquet.  Tons of Dragon Alumni Banquet Luncheon information 



P.P.S.:   PCI Dragon Directory updating continues.  Phone (toll free) 1-866-875-2548

             if you’re one of the very few to yet contact the firm.  The Directory will soon

             be in production.  

This article was provide by Len Strauch


Fellow 1969 Alums- The Last Dragons,


Like you, I recently received the mailing announcing the 73rd Annual St. George High School Alumni Banquet to be held Monday, May 6, 2019. The graphic of the familiar fire- breathing Dragon at the top of the letterhead made the invitation stand out. .

 This notice brought forth a flood of memories for me of our formative years spent within the walls, halls, classrooms, cafeteria, library, pool and gym at 350 Sherman Avenue. Hard to believe, but true, it has been fifty years since our class graduated and this paradise of our high school years was turned into a parking lot.

 Our classmate and student leader John Conroy wrote this simple truth for the final edition of the school yearbook, The Last Georgian. “The building called St. George is closed...but its presence will be felt for a long time.”

 My first exposure to the Alumni banquet occurred in 1970, in the spring semester of our freshmen year. I had white-haired Brother Peter Dolan for homeroom, as well as for Latin. Brother also held the position of Moderator for St. George Alumni. He pulled a few of us wet- behind-the-ears frosh out of class to stuff hundreds of envelopes for that year’s Alumni Reunion.

 In our senior yearbook I found this from Brother Peter. “It is not an easy thing to close the doors of St. George for good. However, this should not sever our relationship. It is my fondest hope that the Alumni Association would continue.”

Brother Peter must be smiling down from his desk in Heaven above, because  his fervent wish for a strong and vibrant Alumni Association has been realized. The spirit of St. George is alive and well.

 My St. George roots run deep. My late father, John (Jack) T. McCarthy III,  and three of my uncles were proud St. George alums. I figure I have attended some 20-25 Reunions over the years, many with my father and uncles while they were alive.



The photo here of my father and me was taken at an Alumni Reunion sometime in the early nineteen nineties. I believe that is John Pflaumer seen over my dad’s broad shoulders. Dad was a member of the class of 1943 and a schoolmate of football great Marty Wendell. Their class was graduated early so these young men, part of the Greatest Generation, could go off as soldiers in WWII. Jack McCarthy served in the infantry with Patton’s Third Army and was severely injured fighting in France. I am proudly the safe keeper of his Purple Heart.

 The 1996 Reunion was to be dad’s last. I travelled down from my home in Milwaukee to pick up him and accompany him to the Reunion that year. Dad was sitting at the kitchen table when I arrived. Seeing me, he slapped a morphine patch on his arm, donned a dress shirt, and resolutely said, “Let’s go.”

 Despite the effects of advanced prostate cancer that would end his life the following month, dad was determined on this night to attend the Reunion and spend precious time with his band of brothers--his high school buddies. For him, there was to be no next year.

 Fast forward to a gorgeous night in early May 2013. I parked at the White Eagle and walked the short distance to a bar just to the north on Milwaukee Avenue. I was excited about meeting up with a contingent of the class of ‘69 who had convened there before that year’s banquet.

 There, my old friend Carl Favaro and I settled into the corner of the bar and caught up on life over a couple of beers. He was headed to a meeting and wouldn’t be attending that particular  Reunion.  His wife Joanie has told me I might well have been the last person to have a beer with Carl. Soon after this memorable conversation Carl cruelly was diagnosed with a brain tumor that would end his life the following May.

The older we get the more we are reminded that life is indeed short and the future unpredictable.  The Alumni mailing counted Carl Favaro as one of the 35 members of our 1969 brotherhood who have passed on.

After St. George,  I attended Marquette University and was fortunate to be there during the Al McGuire era of MU basketball prowess. Thinking back to my last time sharing those beers with Carl, a McGuire quip came to mind. “Don’t wait to have a drink for a fella once he’s dead, better to buy him a drink while he’s alive.”  I’m glad I didn’t wait.

 Memories and connections aside, I have completed and mailed in my registration for our  fiftieth anniversary banquet. I encourage all my classmates to make the effort to come together, raise a glass, and reunite for this very special life event. As Tom Howe likes to say, “Every day is a great day to be a Dragon.”

 All the best and hope to see you at the 50th.

 John T. McCarthy   


The 2019 Cub/Sox Spring Training Game at Camelback Stadium

(50) St George Alumni & friends attended.






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