by Dan Schmitt

The 2006 Annual Golf Outing was a big success. This year the St. George Alumni Association got behind the Golf Outing and put on the big push. Here is some of the story about the outing. More will follow in the following months.


When I arrived at the country club,  I talked to Skip Braband first. Skip is from the Class of ‘65, and he stated that he was selected to be chairman: “I also have the honor or being the chairman of today’s golf outing.  We expected about 60 golfers and ended up with 140.”


Skip explained the Scramble. “ The scramble is a great game where all four players get a chance to participate.  What you do is you start from the tee and you get your best shot, and whoever has that, you go onto the next shot.  It’s really a series of going to the best shot of the four guys, including putting, and that is how you’re scoring, based on where the ball ends and how you get it in the hole.”

 Now how do you get one-hundred and forty golfer to play and get it all done by dinner time? Skip added. “We started at noon with a shotgun start and we filled every hole twice, and as I say, to do that you need 144 golfers and we had 140.  So the turnout was just amazing.  Guys all the way back from the class I think of 1944-45, all the way to the last year, 1970 when the school was open. We also have three wives out here playing in their own group of Dragons.  So that’s kind of nice.  The three ladies are, Bill Tortorello’s wife, Sally;  Marty Murray, who is the president of the association, invited his wife, Kathy;  and my wife, Margie. They’ve been having a ball.  They’re all out there right now.”


Howard Stark, a graduate from 1952, talks about his day on the course. “The rest of the foursome is like I told you, the one guy got out of jail last week, Frank, he’s over there.  He’s getting some beer for the rest of us.  Over there is my son, Scott.  He’s been hitting the ball pretty good today.  We’re glad we brought him along, although we had to pay him to come.  You see that’s the whole other thing.  And so my brother-in-law is a St. Pat’s graduate.”   “What year was that Phil?” Phil answers that he graduated in 1964.

Howard continues, “We’re having a good time today just beating off a few of the bees, and we made a few good shots, so we’re having a good time today.  We just throw it out there and whoever throws it the farthest, that’s the guy then.  And if we get within 10-12 feet of the pin, we take the birdie.  So we brought a sleeper along, you know what I mean, and actually we filled out our scorecard before we got here today.

I talked a another group, Mike Hourihane, Bob Nianan, George Noonan and Tom Nyhan.  George says he graduated in 1956. So, I asked him if he played golf at St. George. He replied, "No, no golf, football and track, Class of ’56.  Mike Hourihane, part of our foursome, he graduated I think in ’59 or ’60, and the other two fellows, Bob Neanan went to Taft High School, a good friend and a good golfer, and Tommy Nyhan went to St. Pat’s High School, a Christian Brothers school.  So we’re enjoying the outing.  It’s a great place, it’s nice being here with everybody and I’m anxious to get a drink."

 After putting, Tom Nyhan tells me, "I’m Tom Nyhan and I actually graduated from St. Pat’s in ‘62.. I don’t want anybody to know that because I don’t want to get beat up or nothing out here, but it’s a great outing.  Thanks so much for doing it, whoever did it, to make it happen, thanks a lot."

I then spot Tom Nelson, Class of '58, shooting a chip shot to the pin. He is in the 16A foursome. Everyone in this foursome is from the Class of '58.  


 I asked Tom Church '58 about the outing. He replies, " It’s a great outing, great day, good fundraiser for the Brothers, and glad that it worked out so well. Judge Rohrer added that it was a great day.


Driving up was Hugh Devine along with Jack Kent from the Class of '54. Jack stated, "Everything is fine, it is a great day with great company, but we're playing terrible golf.


Out there playing golf with all of these Dragons was Don Hogan who graduated from St. Mel's in 1956. He said that his class from St. Mel's just had their 50th class reunion. He said, "This is the first time that I have been to this outing and it is outstanding." With him was Bill Manika who said he went to Lane Tech and graduated in 1949.

In the next foursome to come along was Jim McCarthy, Don Zimmer, George Kies and Jim Cushing. Jim McCarthy, who was from the Class of '54,  said that their team was three over par which he didn't think was very good.

After putting to finish out the hole, Don Zimmer from the Class of '57 added, "So far we're doing horribly, but we're enjoying each other's company." He added, "This golf outing is very nice, it is a perfect day. Yes, there must have been a lot of praying going on last night."


The next group I ran into was the Carringan, Debs, O'Grady and Corbett foursome. Here is how they introduced themselves.

Corbett, "Corbett, Class of ’46." 

Jack Carringan, "Jack Carringan, "Class of ’46, class president." 

Corbett:  "He was vice president.  To this day he’s pissed off."

Don O’Grady:  Don O’Grady, Class of ’46, “All-Intramural Don.”

Then I asked Bill Debs about the course and he replied, "This is really very challenging, and we’re enjoying it very much. O'Grady added, "It's just great, very enjoyable, Thanks,"


So now we’re on 16, and from the left in the picture I’ll get everybody’s name.  It’s a threesome:  Bob Newton, Jim Gibbons, Class of ’59, and Pat O’Connor, who was a freshman when the place closed in ’69. I ask, "So what do you guys think, is this a good course?"


One of them replied, " It’s the first time I’ve ever played it.  It’s very nice."


Driving up was John Bianchi from the Class of '48 and Bob Bianchi who said he never graduated from St. George. He says that he transferred to Weber High School. When asked about the course, John said, " Great.  We’re having a good time.  It’s a little windy, but we’re doing it. The weather is better that they predicted." I asked how they were doing and John replied, "Well, it could be better."


 Dick Dompke and Jack Boarini pulled up. They are both from the class of '47. When asked about the course, Jack said, "It’s fun.  It’s a good course. The turnout is real good. From one school we’ve got a good turnout.  We’re real happy."  

Brother Tom's foursome comes by and I ask Brother for his opinion of this 2006 Golf Outing. He said, "This turnout is beyond expectations.  We had two groups on every tee, just terrific.  These guys are terrific.  My bad shots are not worrisome because they’re doing so well.  They’re carrying the squad."

Now I take this picture of John O’Leary, who tells me this, " I got to pay cash.  They’re not taking my check."

I get a photo of the two Fitzsimmons. John went to St. George with me, the Class of '67. He is in the orange shirt and Gordon is in the black shirt. I take a picture of young Tony Tortorello doing a great job putting. He says,  "My dad asked me to play. I went to Niles North in Skokie. I was a public schoolboy."


 Paul Schmidt comes rolling up and I ask him, "What do you think of the turnout here? He replies, "I think it’s outstanding.  There’s more than I thought would show up for it. One-hundred and forty is what I heard.  I think it’s an outstanding turnout we’re getting."


I then ask Phil Zera about the challenge of the Mount Prospect course. He tell me this, " I think the course is in really good shape and it’s a fine course, but I’m just thrilled to be playing with Paul Schmidt because as you all know, Paul is a Michigan grad and he’s been smiling all day because Michigan beat Notre Dame so handily, and I can’t get that smile off his face or Zachary’s, but it was great today."

 After making a great putt, Ted Muno told me this, "The course is fine.  I like the course, this outing is great, the people are fantastic."

The 14B foursome was close to finishing up when I met them at the 10th tee. They introduced themselves from left to right.


"Bob Walsh, 1947.Jim Burden, Loyola Academy, 1951, Bill Kearns, 1950. Bob Hillinger, 1945."  When I asked about the turnout and the course, Hillinger added, "Oh, it’s just great.  Just great.  We’re about 15 under par with one hole to go.  So we’re doing great and we found a lot of range balls and we’re doing very well.  So you know you always told me to hit them straight and long, so I took all of your advice.

At the end of the day, it was off to the tent for dinner. I vowed that next year I was going to play. I have only played golf about 12 to 15 times since I was a caddy at Edgewater Golf Course back in 1963, so I guess I'll have to get out there and knock some balls around before next year's St. George High School Golf Outing.