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Marty Murray Class of 1965 suddenly and shockingly passed away on 26 December while out for an evening walk. Marty may be gone physically but his spirit will live forever along with his classmates, friends, business acquaintances and mostly his family. 

Marty was active in so many charity’s and organizations his influence and contributions will be missed. They say a man is judged by his friends and his contributions during their life, Marty was a giant while always giving credit to others his involvement was a given, it could be working at a charity on Thanksgivings serving food to the needy or sitting on charitable boards. His smile, laugh and sense of humor were infectious. Marty always had a story to tell, I guess it came from his Irish heritage.

There are many stories of Marty’s kindness across the years; Paul Murphy a fellow classmate of 65 said.

This is beyond devastating.  None of us will be missed so much by so many.  Never known anyone so generous, kind, humble, selfless, and, well, saintly.   Nobody I know deserves Heaven more.   When Meg was in hospice, he came all the way to Evanston to see her almost every day.  And ever since, he’s reached out to me every couple months with a call or an email. Paul Murphy 65

Marty was the current president of the St George HS alumni association. His dedication and positive thinking has kept the spirit of St George alive and living thru its members. He was a founder of the St George Annual Golf Outing, the Class of 65 Annual Christmas Luncheon to name a few. Our hearts and prayers go out to Kathy, Marty Jr. Mary Kate; he is with God and probably getting involved with some activity and so it should be. I will miss you my friend.

Rene Pelletier