St George High School was know for their great sports teams and championships. Check out some of the photos, posters, schedules and stories about these teams. Your stories and photos are welcome.


Tom Sullivan 2006 Story

1966 Football Poster


In 2004, Coach Burnell went on to his eternal rewards.

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Max H. Burnell

May 7, 1914 - October 20, 2004



Photos provided by Kevin McNamara son of John P. McNamara.

I stumbled upon you website in honor of Saint George High School.  My father played football and ran track there.

My father (John P. McNamara) passed away in 1981 from cancer.  My father is #11 in the 1941 picture and number 26 in the 1944 Picture.  He is also the one on the left with the arrow pointing toward him.  My mother gave me some of these photos to share with my brothers and sisters and I figured after seeing your website, that maybe they would be a good addition. Kevin McNamara, Yorktown, IN


John P. McNamara #11 in the 1941

John P. McNamara #26 in the 1944 Picture

John P. McNamara


Chicagoland Prep League Baseball Champs 1969

The 1968 Football Team Awards Banquet

The 1943 Chicago Football Championship Trophy